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  1. S

    Question Acer Nitro 5 Arrow Key Hinge Removal

    I've been trying to remove the hinge of this type of key but I couldn't find any safe way to remove it. I'm trying to switch it with one of my other key hinges that I don't use because its squeaky. I tested it with one of the keys I don't use and you may see that I have already failed to remove...
  2. mkj307

    Question I am not asking how to get my bios password but.........

    I am not asking how to get my bios password but I did get a KEY when I entered the wrong password 3 times. I have an Acer laptop & they want you to take it to a service person or mail it in to be reset. I just need to know where to enter the key that was generated. Anyone have any idea?
  3. ssam039

    Question keyboard got weird

    Hi everyone… I turned on my laptop today and when I tried to type something I realized that some keys are wrong… I tested it on Notepad and this is what happens: o key opens search in document window e key does nothing on the number área right to the keyboard number 1 doesnt work on the numbers...