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    Question I got a blackmail email, what do i do?

    I got an email that came straight to my inbox and they listed one of my passwords (which i have now changed on all sites I can think of), saying that they had put malware and keyloggers and stuff on xvideos (a porn site if you didnt know) and that theyd captured video from the webcam and...
  2. M

    Solved! Help to remove keylogger

    Hello, I have this problem on my personal PC. Some time ago programs started minimizing and opening again, then in chat it started to type some random letters. After that I saw it type words from my previous conversation. I did some research figured out it was keylogger, I have ran antivirus to...
  3. D

    Undetectable virus on my computer?

    Hi Today while in discord I encountered an error where things started being typed in my chat section and entered, random digits, and started spamming the chat. Some of the links were to a final fantasy achievement, , and other random characters at...
  4. M

    Monitor my own pc - keylogger needed!

    Hi guys since i have the feeling that others in my absence are are accessing my pc, i want to monitor this with a keylogger. do you have a good program with link that you can recommend? Which keylogger is the best in your experience? Best regards
  5. T

    Suspected keylogger help

    I visited a website posted on a forum (beware the following link): bazingacoin . com to see what it was about. The website looked poorly designed and I went back to the forum to see someone claiming that norton found a background keylogger installer on the site. He may have been trying to deter...
  6. majorfoxpaws

    Synaptics keylogger on HP

    Are Toshiba products affected by the Synaptics keylogger issue affecting HP?
  7. M

    How to prevent and/or mitigate Hardware Keylogger

    Hi Community, A University in Ottawa has been compromised with hardware keyloggers, specifically KeeLog. What are your thoughts on this and what are ways to mitigate this in shared environments?  One solution is to install cover plates on back of the computers to lock down the cables and...
  8. E

    Somebody has remote access to my computer, please help!

    Somebody got hold of all the details of my router (everything you can think of) and has since been able to see everything I do and type. They are also able to remotely control my computer, and control devices. I believe they may be using MAC or ARP spoofing. I ran XARP and it detected an ARP...
  9. D

    Do I have a keylogger installed?

    Before I get into explaining the whole situation, I am not an amateur computer user. I never run anything, and whenever I want to install something that could potentially have any sort of adware or spyware in it, I always use a virtual machine. I use different passwords for everything and have a...
  10. G

    Help! Rat/Keylogger on PC???

    I was looking to see if I have a rat, because I read online about them, I do not no much about pc rats either. In my appdata/roaming folder I found a hidden folder called "enablestartup.exe" but what is odd is that it was a .bat but named .exe. What do I do, and how do I tell if it is a...
  11. X

    need help. keylogger

    hi guys. my mmo game has been hacked recently. i am thinking to buy the best anti keylogger but my friend told me anti keylogger only protect my website password it doesn't protect my mmo game password from hackers. is that true? if its not true please intro me the best anti key logger for mmo...
  12. B

    Finding a keylogger

    I am certain my pc's have been one of these installed, against my knowledge. This includes Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Can anyone recommend a detection program that has had success in finding them and possibly showing where the reports are being sent? Thank you all very much
  13. ambam

    How do I know if my PC is infected with a keylogger?

    Are there any tell-tale ways of telling of my PC has been infected with a keylogger? I have NAV, Malwarebytes, and ADWcleaner, but some malware is so sophisticated it can evade these programs.
  14. S

    keystroke encryption in AV software

    why don't AV suites include keystroke encryption, something like keyscrambler? Is it ineffective, or does it have a negative impact on the system? I have kaspersky total security 2016 installed on a windows 10 x64 machine. I also have keyscrambler free version installed. should I uninstall it...
  15. S

    how do i remove keylogger.exe the easy way

    i was doing random things and then the virus called keylogger.exe came how do i remove it easily? i dont want to do it toll free and it shuts my computer down every 10 minutes
  16. mrsmile

    Hackers Can Read Keystrokes Across Network?

    Might kind of be a silly question. If your PC has been infected with keylogger, can hackers read what you type? Or does he has to be physically in front of your computer to read them? I've just recently found out I've been infected with one at the virus was found in Malwarebytes...
  17. F

    Steam .Scr virus/keylogger/malware?

    I got this message from a "friend" who added me about wanting to trade he sent me some link and out of my ignorant stupidity i clicked it and it downloaded i opened it thinking it was some screenshot since it had the whole .scr thing at the end and it basically exited me out of steam and...
  18. S

    key logger virus

    how to get rid of a keylogger virus
  19. D

    Suspecting a keylogger, please advise...

    Hello all, So I was searching through my registry to fix a game's settings that I have been messing with and I saw the following key: "HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1428292790-3725576381-3897953999-1000\Software\358a16345d3d971d0a3993e532e3803c\[kl]" And in there it shows me stuff like this: 15/01/01...
  20. X

    Hardware Keylogger in-built in Gamepad

    Hi, Is there a possibility that there is a hardware keylogger in-built into a gamepad that I have just bought? If there is a hardware keylogger, what can it log? The stroke of the gamepad, or can it also install a software keylogger in the name of "gamepad driver", and keylog your whole...
  21. F

    Best keylogger to monitor child's activities?

    Hello, I would like to know what's the best (easy-to-setup, easy-to-use) keylogger that will create log files of child's activities on the internet, and maybe even give password of his facebook account. Joking. For educational purposes only. Regards, Alex.
  22. W

    Please, help me, this is driving me crazy :S

    Hello everybody! Some days ago, i wrote about how hackers got into my Guild Wars 2 account and e-mail account. After some reading, i ran a safe mode Malwarebytes Anti Malware full scan, and an on-startup Avast search. Avast found babylon.dll and ccp.exe PuP-gen. The Malwarebytes...
  23. Q

    I need some way to see which keys are being depressed on my keyboard

    I'm using a Logitech mouse and keypad which have lots of shortcut keys that I can program. But I'm getting some erratic behaviour which I can't diagnose. What would be really helpful is some way of monitoring which keys are being pressed. I installed a key logger but it doesn't record the...
  24. A

    Tracking employees with keylogger/monitoring software

    What is a cheap tool i can use (less than $30) to monitor web page visits linked to each separate computer throughout my company. I have a team of 25 employees in my online business. i need to track their actions during all days.
  25. K

    How to find a stolen laptop if chrome is still synching on it

    Greetings, About two weeks ago i had my laptop stolen. Today as I was checking my history tab on chrome in my office desktop pc, I saw about 40 pages that I never visited. The thief used the stolen laptop and chrome, and was stupid enough not to log me out. Among the pages he visited were a...
  26. shoob0x

    iPad keylogger questions

    My iPad has a keylogger on it (it is my iPad with my keylogger, I installed it myself) and the keylogger logs information and sends it to the keyloggers host server, how do I find out the IP of that server?
  27. shoob0x

    How to format an iPad with a keylogger

    I have an iPad with a keylogger on it, and even if I format the iPad the keylogger retains data and it can be aqcuired if I connect it to a computer. Is there a way to completely wipe it, along with the keylogger data? It is my iPad by the way with my keylogger, I am just asking for security...
  28. G

    Spyware: What It Is, and How to Remove It

    We've heard a lot about spyware, but what exactly is it and how does it differ from other kinds of malware? Spyware: What It Is, and How to Remove It : Read more
  29. linsyschopman

    Removing a keylogger

    Oke i'm going to keep it short, few of my accounts got hijacked by a keylogger. F*** my life. Anyhow, i formatted all my harddrives (os ssd, hdd) and did a clean windows install. Obviously i also changed all my passwords. Can i assume it's gone or? Thanks in advance...
  30. ajchavez91

    Keylogger or monitoring software for kids?

    Hey guys. Recently i've been checking the history on my PC and i've been seeing websites i've never accessed, somehow they look like sites my nephew would visit, like mini games accounts, etc. The problem is i've seen some porn sites too, and i'm concerned and i want to be aware of what he...
  31. P

    Spyware and keylogger if someone builds my PC???

    I'm considering having a custom PC built by a local college student but am afraid that anyone building a PC can easily install spyware, keyloggers, remote access, etc. without my knowledge. He would be installing his own software and I am NOT technical at all so how would I know if anyone...
  32. C

    Any good computer monitoring software?

    I have a 13 year old who is very computer savvy and I am concerned about internet predators. I just learned about keyloggers and am very interested in getting one, free if possible. Does anyone know of a FREE keylogger that is hard to find, for example, if he were to look for it and try to...
  33. E

    Keylogger issue. When wiped, will data drive still be infected?

    Alright pretty sure I've got a keylogger. I had my WoW account hacked twice in a 24 hour period, even after choosing a very strong password after the first hack. I've scanned with malwarebytes, defender, avg, msrt, and even used AVG's LiveCD to boot my PC to linux and scan from there. Nothing...
  34. L

    Is it possible to find a keylogger by using a keylogger.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place guys, but things were out of place in my apartment today and the computer was shut down in an odd way. Might be my ex. By saying that I mean there is a certain battery back up that is usually put a certain way. I won't get into detail. My system is now acting...
  35. N

    Keylogger Detect Removal Software

    Any good free ones out there?