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  1. Skibidi

    Question Laptop stops charging as soon as i launch a game

    i have been using this ASUS ROG gaming lap (1050Ti, 8gb ram ) for like 3-4 years now. It worked fine untill last november. The problem im having right now is, my lap is fully charged and is plugged in, i launch a game (valorant in this case), and suddenly the charging stops and starts again...
  2. Mathias Aivasovsky

    Solved! Laptop With Broken screen and keyboard, how do I connect it to a external monitor?

    Hi, I was trying to take an old laptop with the screen cracked (it still worked) and a broken keyboard, and transform it into a desktop PC, I made the case and everything, yesterday I was finally installing windows on the PC, I uninstalled the cracked monitor and when I reinstalled it later I...
  3. ariana_ir.2631

    Question can i insert a ram memory from a sony laptop into a hp laptop?

    i ask this because i dont want that action to cause any damage to my laptop
  4. Laptopuser32441

    Question My laptop don't work

    Laptop keyboard lights up but screen stays black. Then shuts off after 30 seconds.
  5. C

    I Need To reset my Laptop back to factory setting but nothing is working.

    So I just got a used acer aspire Aoa150 for my Birthday from my parents. I need it set back to factory setting but I don't have the Erecovery program and when I try to use Alt-F10 on start up it just goes on to the next start up screen. if anyone could help me i would love it. I know its an...