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  1. Y

    Question Best laptop on grover for up to 50$ per month

    I want to buy a laptop for up to 50$ per month (for 12 months) on and I'm really outdated on hardware. I want to use Photoshop and After Effects with it (no gaming at all) and I don't know which one is the best for that. (performance is more important to me than appearance)
  2. CaitlinJonne

    Question Help buying a new laptop

    Hello all, My old Acer Aspire E5-757G-53VG, unfortunately, became fried after it had coffee spilled on it. For my needs, it worked great! I can't seem to find a comparable replacement, though. I did look through Acer again and there are just so many variations that it's hard to tell which is...
  3. Q

    Need help with a laptop buying decision.

    Hi, Need to buy a laptop. Not sure which is the one appropriate for my needs. I can't end up regretting a purchase. Too many choices among the Dell Latitude/XPS models & the Lenovo Thinkpads/P50/T460/T470/... Thinkpad X1-Carbon etc. My requirements are : 1) few heavy-duty IT Applications...