Question Help buying a new laptop

Mar 4, 2020
Hello all,

My old Acer Aspire E5-757G-53VG, unfortunately, became fried after it had coffee spilled on it. For my needs, it worked great! I can't seem to find a comparable replacement, though. I did look through Acer again and there are just so many variations that it's hard to tell which is the right one. I ended up buying (and then returning) Acer Aspire A515-54G-73WC because it wasn't able to handle everything I needed.

Here's what I need to be able to do on my computer: Photo editing, some video editing, multiple tabs and programs open at once (such as Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat), video calls, writing.

I've been using The Sims 4 as my benchmark. I play it occasionally and I figure any laptop that can handle Sims 4 on high-level graphics without overheating should be able to do what I need. The Acer Aspire 5 (the one I returned) immediately got hot and kicked on a loud fan when I started it up, so that won't do.

My budget currently allows for up to $800. I don't care too much about what it looks like, though I've been staying away from laptops like Acer Nitro which do look very clearly like a gaming laptop that a teenager would have. I'm a freelancer, so I do want my computer to look at least "clean professional".

Is there anyone who could help point me in the right direction? I'm horribly lost.