Question Please help me choose between these work laptop options...

Feb 6, 2023

I have been given the following options for a replacement work laptop, but am struggling to decide. Greatly appreciate any advice!

My usage:
  • Predominantly productivity: heavy spreadsheet usage, multiple applications running at once, lots of Teams usage.
  • No gaming.
  • Starting to do some basic coding, mostly database creation/manipulation and maths/stats modelling.
  • My current PC with 8GB RAM, i5-1035G7, and no GPU, is struggling to keep up :) Often freezes.
  • I work 40% in office, 60% at home. Connected to monitor(s) at both locations, but use on the train to/from work and occasional work in cafes etc.
  • Size isn't a big factor for me. Don't mind it being bigger/heavier if it's otherwise the best option (won't be carrying around too much).
  • I like the form-factor of the Surface Studio, but seems to have an older processor, and less RAM than others...
  • Unsure if the i7-1270P HP comes with a GPU (specs don't mention).
  • Storage not a factor (512GB is plenty for me, I think!).
MSFT Surface Laptop Studio14.4” 2400x1600i7-11370HRTX 3050 Ti
Lenovo P14s G314” 1920x1200i7-1270PT55048GB1TB
Lenovo P16s G116” 1920x1200i7-1270PT55032GB512GB
Dell Precision 357115.6” 1920x1080i7-12800HT60032GB512GB
Dell Latitude 553115.6” 1920x1080i7-12800HGeForce MX55032GB1TB
HP Firefly 16 G916” 1920x1200i7-1270P?64GB1TB
HP Firefly 16 G916” 1920x1200i7-1265UT55064GB1TB

Many thanks in advance!
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