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    Solved! A bit of water spilled on side of laptop.

    Hello! 2 days ago, I accidentally spilt a small amount of tap water on the side of my HP Pavilion dv7-3111ea Entertainment Notebook PC that was charging. The water went into some of the USB vents, some on the keys on the right hand side and a little near the AC adapter that was charging the...
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    Samsung ultrabook dead (not turning on, no lights) NP530u3c

    Hi there, my name is Martin. Hope you can help me figure out something. My Laptop is absolutely dead, it won't turn on and also no lights are on (even the one that shows charging when charger is plugged in). I think I might have inverted charger polarity, repairing it because cables where...
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    acer extensia will not turn battery & power cord..still nothing..battery charged

    laptop stopped working... would turn on then right of. BUT would work when no battery and used power cord.. then it stopped working that way.. got new battery and power cord.. still nothing... acer extensia...4420 series