Samsung ultrabook dead (not turning on, no lights) NP530u3c


Jul 26, 2016
Hi there, my name is Martin. Hope you can help me figure out something.

My Laptop is absolutely dead, it won't turn on and also no lights are on (even the one that shows charging when charger is plugged in).

I think I might have inverted charger polarity, repairing it because cables where loose.

I Meassured with charger plugged, and I get 19v on some points (marked on pictures as yellow arrows).

At button battery: 0v
At battery charging slot: 1V

I read it could be a fuse or diode, but I couldn't find any blown part and also everyhting is so small I can't even see. Most components have no writing on them.

Please let me know what else can I meassure to figure out where's the problem and if it's possible to save the laptop.

Thank you!
Unfortunately the images being so fuzzy makes it a tad hard to tell if anything looks damaged or fried.

Have you considered swapping out the motherboard and see if the problem is resolved?