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  1. N

    Solved! My laptop is on but doesn't show display

    Hi, my laptop stopped running and thought it was a windows issue. But when i hit the power button its fan starts for few seconds and lights on but display doesn't come up. Thought it would be a RAM issue and cleaned its RAM but issue is still there? What do you guys suggest? Thanks in advance
  2. RespectedRobert

    Solved! Asus Gaming laptop Conversion help

    Hey guys. I have The Asus Rog G752VL and I've had it for a few years now. Well I want to completely remove the built in display that has a max refresh rate of 60hz and use an HDMI Cable with my new 144Hz Gaming Monitor and just use the bottom part of the laptop for its keyboard and mouse pad...
  3. D

    Why do older laptops have squarish screens while newer laptops have rectangular screens?

    Hi everyone. I noticed after looking at some older laptops that their screens look a lot more like squarish than current laptops. Current laptops have screens that look decidedly more rectangular it seems. Why is this? In other words, why do older laptops have screens that look more or less...
  4. A

    MSI laptop ribbon cable

    Hi so recently I opened up my laptop(apparently CMOS battery needed replacing) and though I did not touch it, my ribbon cable that goes to my screen burned. The laptop itself still works just the screen doesn't, I can output to another display and use it perfectly. I tried replacing the cable...
  5. hanser30

    Can I upgrade my laptop's display?

    Hi guys, I have a Lenovo W541 and I currently have the standard 1080p screen. I was wondering if I could upgrade it later to the 3k display. I want to know if I have to change the bezel or any other part in order to install this display. Full Specs: CPU- i7-4810mq GPU- k2100m Ram- 16gb @...