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  1. philly.a

    Question Is it possible to replace / repair my laptops GPU?

    I bought a custom gaming laptop in 2013 from Cyberpower UK. It lived a good life but around 6 months ago the GPU began failing, BSOD's, failing to boot etc which didnt resolve after driver resets... the laptop is functional only when the GPU device is disabled. I now use a desktop, but for the...
  2. J

    Question Acer A315-51-34V8 Storage and Memory upgrade

    I have an Acer A315-51-34V8 laptop and want to upgrade the storage and memory. It currently has a 128GB SSD I am planning to leave that there and use the upgrade bay for the secondary drive. I am not sure what would be the best way to upgrade the storage (I'm open to both SSD and HDD) given the...
  3. G

    Lenovo 100-14IBY Ram Upgrade

    Hello, So i want to buy the Lenovo 100-14IBY But it comes with 2 GB Ram and i want to upgrade it to 4 GB Ram is it possible? Any help is appreciated, thanks! Laptop Link:
  4. F

    Upgrade the mobo/CPU in my Acer 5750 with 5750G?

    Hello all, So I currently own a 5750-6636 with the i3 that's used for work/school. I've maxed out the RAM to 8GB and will be putting in a SSD soon, but I'd like to upgrade the mobo/CPU to the 5750G (i7). I haven't opened up the case completely yet, but looking at pictures of the 5750 and...
  5. G

    Is this laptop worth putting an SSD in?

    I use my laptop mainly for school. I'm going to school for Computer Networking so we run a lot of virtual labs on VMware. I use my laptop for all of that stuff. It feels a little sluggish though and I think because of the hard drive. I believe its a 5,400 RPM drive. My question is, with these...
  6. 3

    What can i upgrade in my laptop

    Hello everyone & thank you for this opportunity I am a video editor & i lack knowledge in hardware field! so i really need assistance from professionals. PS : i know i am a noob at this guys so no need to remind me :pt1cable: i have a laptop that i do some hardcore video editing & 3D ON it...