Dec 3, 2015
Hello all,

So I currently own a 5750-6636 with the i3 that's used for work/school. I've maxed out the RAM to 8GB and will be putting in a SSD soon, but I'd like to upgrade the mobo/CPU to the 5750G (i7).

I haven't opened up the case completely yet, but looking at pictures of the 5750 and 5750G mobos, they look the same. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that it's been done before, I honestly can't remember.

So my two questions are:
1) Is the Sandybridge i7-2630qm worth it still? I've tried looking for a comparable quad-core laptop, but they're all pretty damn expensive whereas I can find a 5750G/i7 for ~$120.
2) Is it even possible?

Thanks for your help, guys.