Question Is Core i3 380M CPU replacable in HP 630 laptop?

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Apr 27, 2020
My laptop is HP 630 with Intel Core i3 380M CPU.
I have also 2gb DDR3 1.5v ram module in the laptop.
I wanted to upgrade the RAM because i have two spare 4 GB RAM sticks, but it turned out that they are DDR3L, and have 1.35V, so they are not supported in my system(by the current CPU at least).

So, here i am asking this question : is there anything else i have to consider in terms of compatibility if i want to upgrade my CPU? I know that TDP and Socket have to match, and also the CPU has to have it's own integrated graphics as my current one has.

And also i wonder, this webpage( ) tells that these CPU's are compatible to replace my current one, is it possible that one of them supports DDR3L RAM sticks(because as i said, my current CPU doesnt, i tried everything, memory controller doesnt know how to work with 1.35 V)?

I checked the i5-i7 compatible versions and it seems they support the same kind of low spec frequencies as my current CPU does : 866/1066 MHz... So is it a thing to upgrade the CPU to make RAM compatible(DDR3L one, which works at 1.35V)? And is it compatible in my laptop(anything i missed?)?

upd 1: i guess i dont have to worry as it seems that all i3/i5/i7 CPU's with the "M" have integrated graphics...

The comparison of my current CPU and the CPU i want to get:
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Laptop upgrades are a bit tough to do since they don't just rely on the socket fitting, but on the system board and BIOS. Only way to find out is to try it or find someone online with your same model that did it and said it worked. The DDRL support is not just due to the CPU but also the motherboard.
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