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  1. JonathanTheGreater

    Question Is this the right ram for my laptop?

    Hello! I'm planning on upgrading my ram from 8GB to 16GB, but I have no idea how this works! I used the software from userbenchmark.com to obtain my ram information: (not sure if this is even accurate) Samsung M471A5244CB0-CRC 2x4GB 2 of 4 slots used 8GB SODIMM DDR4 clocked @ 2400 MHz So I...
  2. Dracorpius

    Question Soldered Laptop CPU Upgrade

    I got i5-8300h soldered on my laptop with 2 fans with max rpm of 6220(estimated). Im just wondering on upgrading it into i9-9880h. (they differs from generation but have the same socket type which is fcbga1440). Could it be possible? If so, must I upgrade the fans? Change its motors to better...
  3. A

    Question laptop upgrade

    hey guys can i upgrade my T530 Thinkpad processor from i5-3320M to Intel Core i5-6th Generation . and advice with vga adapter can be installed instead of Nvidia 5200.
  4. yirv iej livcnqejwvijvw

    Solved! Am i able to upgrade my laptops cpu

    hey guys sorry for bothering but i couldnt find answers anywhere. i have a lenovo ideapad 330s 15arr and i was wondering if the cpu was soldired or not as i am unable to find answers for my specific model
  5. N

    Question Can you change case on Alienware Laptop?

    Hello, I was wondering if you can change the case for the Alienware 51m. Change it from Black to White. If this is possible how much would it cost to get it done, and also what parts would you need? Any information be awesome. Thanks
  6. Question Can I upgrade my old custom laptop?

    Hi Everyone, Big noob here. I bought this old tank in 2013, I do mainly 3D modeling/ rendering on it with quite demanding softwares such as Solidworks. Also some Adobe suite but nothing crazy. It is still performing decently considering the beating I gave it. I could do a total reinstallation...
  7. F

    Upgrade the mobo/CPU in my Acer 5750 with 5750G?

    Hello all, So I currently own a 5750-6636 with the i3 that's used for work/school. I've maxed out the RAM to 8GB and will be putting in a SSD soon, but I'd like to upgrade the mobo/CPU to the 5750G (i7). I haven't opened up the case completely yet, but looking at pictures of the 5750 and...