Question Can you change case on Alienware Laptop?

May 30, 2019
I was wondering if you can change the case for the Alienware 51m. Change it from Black to White. If this is possible how much would it cost to get it done, and also what parts would you need? Any information be awesome.

Saga Lout

Olde English
It would only work if the cases were from the absolutely identical model because the input and output ports need to be in the precisely same place. You could only buy a white case from the manufacturers if they would sell you one.

Maybe an ad in the local paper's Personal column along the lines of "Person with black Alienrware laptop seeks person who has a white one with a view to a swap." might be best bet. :D


If they don't make white cases for that model, you can take it fully apart and have a paint shop spray it white. They also make skins for laptops, your model may have some, basically stick on plastic. I wold not bother with painting, cost, time and risk of damaging something is not worth a color change at all.
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