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  1. 6

    How to plug in 4 mics with Separate channels into PC

    Hi everyone, I'm making videos that involve 4 guys talking about things like screenwriting, movie reviews, etc -at a table. The goal is to record 4 different people- with their own lavalier microphones on their own separate channels- strait into the PC with audio software that allows me to...
  2. A

    How do I sound record two people on a budget without Lavaliers?

    Hi I'm starting a youtube channel with a friend and am going to shoot it on my Nikon D5000, which although provides an ok video quality, it doesn't have a port for me to plug a shotgun mic into it. I'd therefore like to record the audio on a seperate device, and was wondering if you could...
  3. D4ggerfall

    Looking for a microphone to go along with my HD 598 headphones

    I recently purchased the Sennheiser HD 598 since my old PC 360 G4ME died but now i need suggestions for a microphone. My Budget is around 50€. I am considering the modmic but the Omni directional one (the one that is used for non-noisy areas) is currently sold out. I am also considering a...