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  1. C

    Question Samsung 65" TV no backlight do led strips have fusible links

    Hello: I have a Samsung 65" UN65 EH6000F Screen tested fine but I have no backlight. I tested the led strips. There are 6 strips with 2 segments each. When putting power to the first segment thru the connector no leds lit. when I put power to the +/- solder points nothing lit. Then there are 4...
  2. J

    Cant change led strip and led fans individually

    I just bought NZXT Hue+ and 3 of their Aer P RGB fans. When I change a part of the led strip, it automatically changes the color of a certain part of a fan. So for example I cant have all of the fans red and the whole led strip white. Is it meant to be like that? Or is there a way to change them...
  3. S

    Led Strip to speakers

    So I bought 12 ft of RBG led strip and i want to connect them to 6 separate speakers to go along with my music... I don't want them to all flash at the same time, because I have surround sound. Please help!
  4. lyger

    Output damage from game to led's!

    Is there any way to output damage from something in a game, like minecraft, getting shot with an arrow, creeper explosion, stuff like that, and output it to something which would be connected to an LED strip, and make it blink, or flicker with the damage you receive?