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  1. V

    Solved! URGENT! Legion laptop only the game lags

    Hello there. I have a legion Y520. My laptop performs awesome in the day to day tasks, but when I start the game, the game started lagging. As soon as I open any games. I could feel the frames is been dropped. I tried playing the games in really low graphics, it was just the same. but the games...
  2. celassad

    Question Laptop doesn't start, power led light is on

    I have a Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop, some days ago I couldn't open the lid, because it got broken a bit and the lid was stuck shut. So I opened the laptop, removed carefully the battery, fans, motherboard, and tried to fix the problem with some hot glue (because some plastic got broken, it...
  3. Arom_pd

    Solved! Lenovo legion y520 wont start after cleaning..

    Hi, I cleaned my laptop yesterday following every steps carefully without any missteps except for a flat cable that I broke trying to replug it to the mother bord while remounting the laptot. Ive seen on the net that this flat cable was linked to the keyboard. It was one of the last ones...
  4. M

    Lenovo Legion Y520 - Low FPS While Streaming on Twitch

    I don't know if this is the right place to post for help, but here's my situation. I got this laptop a week ago, and I want to stream League of Legends on Twitch, but no matter what settings I try to tweak in OBS, the performance of the laptop is very low and the FPS in game while streaming is...