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  1. pNIC

    Solved! Lenovo Y510P Windows 10 not working AT ALL

    Hello! I have an Y510P lenovo laptop running windows 10. My laptop will NOT get past the sign in page once i enter my password. And now its just not booting. can some please help me? I (error(s) are CIRTICAL_PROCESS_DIED) (edit) im in the bios (its about time) and now it says: Hard Disk [not...
  2. K

    New Lenovo y510p powers off/crashes when gaming; SLI/AA the blame??

    Well, I just got this laptop less than a week ago. The main things I've done with it since has been to update the GeForce drivers, install steam/origin, install office, and install some other programs on here that I use regularly on my desktop. I've noticed that in some games, the laptop just...