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    Question Please help me with my new M507-G1 TV

    Good evening. I just purchased a M507-G1 Vizio Quantum yesterday and I am having some issues with linking my soundbar. If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it. I have an LG LAS551H and a SK6Y sound bar. The SK6Y is the newest and I had both previously hooked up via ARC to a Samsung...
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    Solved! Compatibility of LG Soundbar with Samsung TV and Dolby settings

    Good morning. I have a soundbar, LG model LAS551H, connected to a Samsung TV, model 49MU6290. I have the soundbar connected to the TV via HDMI ARC. When I go into the TV settings for the soundbar the only Dolby choice is DTS Neo 2.5. The other Dolby choices are grayed out. I am not too...
  3. itsgeeeee

    Solved! how can i bluetooth connect my lg soundbar (model sk4d) to my toshiba 55U7863DB 55" smart tv?

    i don't have the necesary wires handy to be able to connect it through hdmi or optical so this is my preferred way of connection (though if not possible, will just go out and buy an optical wire when possible)
  4. E

    my LG soundbar LAS550H(AF) wont pair wiht my LG smart tv

    It was working fine, until I tried to pair the soundbar with my laptop, unsuccessfully... now, it wont pair with my LG tv, the tv find it, but it gives me the same message over and over again - "make sure your device is tunred on and set to LG TV mode" - which it is !!!!! what now, pls help :(