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    Question My HDTV Won't Recognize Old Camcorder

    I have an old Sony 8mm camcorder with the yellow and white audio/video Jack's. Yellow is for video and white is for audio so I guess I simply book either the red or white cable there and just let the other hang loose. The other end of this cable has an HDMI that goes to my LG TV. However when I...
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    Question Tv Cuts on but has no picture or sound.

    Hello, I have a 65” LG tv here that will cut on but I get not picture. I have repaired a lot of tvs with led strip problems when the picture won’t show but that did not fix this problem unfortunately. I replaced the leds with two new strips but I am still getting no back light. Any suggestions?
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    Question Vizio soundbar and LG tv

    I have a Vizio SB2821-6d soundbar and an LG 49LF5400. In order for these to work they say to use an optical cable. However my LG does not have an optical cable port. I did buy a converter to see if i could plug an opitcal cable into it then connect an rca into it to my tv. This is also not...
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    Question LG 2017 smart TVs, strange trace

    hi i have almost 1 YO LG ips tv (43uj650) with a strange problem the only thing i do with this TV is playing ps4 pro (rarely!!) today after 4month i turn it on and start playing wolfenstine and for some reason i had to pause the game for 1-2 min after that i notice a trace of wolfenstine Logo...
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    LG TV with no audio out

    I have a LG 49LF5400 and now have a LG Sound Bar LAS350B. I just found out thru LG that my TV does not have a audio out. I really want to connect the two. What do I need...converter? switch box? AV receiver? Need suggestions, please.
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    LG TV not connecting to my Insignia soundbar.

    I currently have a LG 42LK450 TV and I am trying to connect it to an Insignia NS-SB314 soundbar. I've went from using RCA to an optical cable , and neither work. The only thing I get results from is the regular aux cord. Looking for help, Please and thanks !
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    How to export audio from LG43LF5400 TV to 2.1 speakers while playing video from usb port?

    How to export audio from LG43LF5400 TV to 2.1 speakers while playing video from usb port? The 2.1 speaker has stereo female for audio in and TV does not have earphone socket or optical socket or RCA. I have tried scart to RCA but the sound comes out from 2.1 speakers only when channels are...
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    Can I plug a TV and a Mac Pro into one pair of Harmon Kardon Soundsticks I?

    I have an LG TV (sorry no model), a 2009 Mac Pro, and a set of HK Soundsticks I. Can I connect both the computer and TV to the Soundsticks? Also, for the future, I'd like to connect an XBOX360. What is the best way to go about doing this? Please let me know. Thank you! Brian