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  1. R

    Question Sony XG80 or LG SM8200?

    Hello, I am planning to buy a new TV and can't really make a choice between Sony 55XG8096 or LG 55SM8200PLA. They are both the same price. So I was hoping maybe someone could help me take a decision :)
  2. E.D.

    Question How do I change the audio output if i have an extended display from a laptop to a TV?

    First of all, I want to mention that I'm not an expert in computers, meaning I only possess basic technical knowledge. I have an LG TV connected to my laptop through an HDMI cable(as an extended monitor). The TV doesn't have a 3.5mm port. The problem is that I want to connect my headphones to...
  3. superuser4u

    Question LG 55LF6000 Question

    Hello, I recently came across a LG 55" LF6000 TV and it has the flickering problem. I tested it with an multi-meter at the psu/LED cable and got the following results: TV plugged in and LED cable plugged in - LED+ 1 = 110/120 LED+ 2 = 80/90 When the LED cable is unplugged and I test...
  4. X

    Question LG TV - no power

    Hi, My LG 22TK410V-PZAEK isn’t powering on anymore. The standby light is not showing, it flashes for a second occasionally if you hold the power button otherwise it’s completely dead. I have tried unplugging and holding the power button but that didn’t work. It was fine before this and now it’s...