Question How can i get TV audio out of my old surround sound system?

Apr 22, 2020

Trying to get the TV audio to come out of my surround sound speakers.

TV model - LG 55LW6500-TA
Receiver - YAMAHA DVR-S60

Tv is rather old, but receiver is older. TV has hdmi, optical outs. Receiver has only RCA, so no optical, no hdmi. Ive purchased a DIGITAL to ANALOG audio converter, tried optical out of TV to convertor, convertor RED/WHITE RCA to receiver. making sure everything is plugged in correctly, power to the converter is good, red light on optical cable is good. correct input on surround system is correct, and ive also shuffled through all the surround sound options ( theatre, dolby 3, dolby pl etc).
tv audio settings seem limited, with my only options being -

Digital Audio Out - PCM or AUTO (tried both)

TV speaker - ON or OFF (tried both)

ARC Mode - ON or OFF

DTV Audio Setting - AUTO

AV Sync - OFF

Im not an expert on audio, ive tried everything i can think of and also what i can scrub up online on other forums. at the point now where i am losing my mind.

please help.. TIA