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  1. J

    Question How can i get TV audio out of my old surround sound system?

    Hi, Trying to get the TV audio to come out of my surround sound speakers. TV model - LG 55LW6500-TA Receiver - YAMAHA DVR-S60 Tv is rather old, but receiver is older. TV has hdmi, optical outs. Receiver has only RCA, so no optical, no hdmi. Ive purchased a DIGITAL to ANALOG audio converter...
  2. G

    5.7 surround sound to pc from player HT-TZ212

    I was given a Samsung HT-TZ212 5.1 surround sound home theatre player,i want audio from my pc to be output into the player, using a optical cable from my motherboard(asus m5a78l m usb3) into the player optical input. Im using windows 10, I have updated my sound drivers (HD VIA audio drivers).I...
  3. J

    Razor Blackshark or save and Sennheiser pc 363D

    Hello everyone i am wondering if i should go for the razorblackshark stereo headset four about 140-160 euro's that doesn't have noice cancelling,7.1 surround and has leather ears which generally makes my ears sweat. Or should i save up for about 2-3 weeks for the sennheiser Pc 363D that has 7.1...
  4. Shinigami187

    Led strip to a home theater system receiver

    So pretty much what i want to do is connect something like this LED to my Receiver and just have it react to whatever music i'm playing and wanted to know a safe and reliable way of accomplishing that. New to all this so any help would be really appreciated. Example would be something like...
  5. A

    problems setting up a/v receiver to in-ceiling speakers

    I've recently moved into a house that has ceiling speakers. There are five speakers (all identical) spread across the open plan ground floor, 2 in front living, 1 in kitchen, 2 in back living room. The speaker wire is in the back living room coming out of two holes in the wall. There are 2...