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  1. Ayeebeezy94

    Question Is it possible to splice IPhone headphones onto a 3.5 audio jack cord?

    Okay, so I have an old FM transmitter that I want to use in my car, so I can play tunes off my phone. Unfortunately, the transmitter doesn’t have Bluetooth capability AND has a 3.5 audio jack for whatever device your wanting to play music from....but I have an iPhone and honestly don’t want to...
  2. J

    Question My iPhone 7's Lightning Port Works, BUT Will Not Charge Once Turned On

    I’m having the most bizarre problem. My headphones work perfectly when I plug them into the lightning jack — they never get disconnected, or have any issue whatsoever. But when I unplug the headphones and plug in the charging cable, nothing happens! I tried resetting the phone — no dice. Next...
  3. R

    How to use lightning headphones with my PC

    I have a pair of Beats headphones that are compatible with my iPhone 8 but I haven't figured out a way to use them with my computer. I was just wondering if there is an adapter that I can use to make my lightning headphones compatible with my PC. My PC input is just a regular 3.5mm headphone...