Question My iPhone 7's Lightning Port Works, BUT Will Not Charge Once Turned On

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Jan 17, 2021
I’m having the most bizarre problem.

My headphones work perfectly when I plug them into the lightning jack — they never get disconnected, or have any issue whatsoever. But when I unplug the headphones and plug in the charging cable, nothing happens!

I tried resetting the phone — no dice.

Next I tried plugging the charger into other iPhones and it worked immediately — so the cable isn’t the problem. Finally, I tried turning my phone off and plugging the cable in — within mere moments, the phone turned back on, so it is clearly recognizing the cable. Indeed, I turned the phone off with 33% battery and when it turned back on it had 40%, so the cable is working — and the iPhone’s hardware is still functioning — but for some reason the software seems to not recognize the cable whenever the phone is turned on and, therefore, I can’t charge my phone properly.

Any advice? What is going on?
Not open for further replies.