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  1. J

    Question My iPhone 7's Lightning Port Works, BUT Will Not Charge Once Turned On

    I’m having the most bizarre problem. My headphones work perfectly when I plug them into the lightning jack — they never get disconnected, or have any issue whatsoever. But when I unplug the headphones and plug in the charging cable, nothing happens! I tried resetting the phone — no dice. Next...
  2. R

    Laptop damaged by Lightning through LAN port

    My Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51 was damaged by lightning yesterday. The LAN port is burnt. And the device smells like burnt stuff from the bottom. Now it doesn’t turn on. Is there any way to fix it? I bought it just a week ago, will I get a replacement if I take it to the store?
  3. aca94sss

    Amplifier barely produces bass signals after a lightning

    Hey guys! People who understand electronics should try to answer this, thanks. I've got 5.1 system hooked to a pc with AUX, Microlab A-6662. After a lightning that struck close to my house, I've noticed that my amplifier barely giving bass signals to a subwoofer (subwoofer itself is totally...
  4. G

    Laptop Damage from Power Surge

    Today I had my laptop plugged into a wall outlet and on, but the lid was closed. I ran upstairs for a brief second and the power flickered off then back on in a second due to a thunder storm. Because of this, I'm wondering if something happened to my laptop. I didn't notice any physical damage...