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  1. J

    Question My iPhone 7's Lightning Port Works, BUT Will Not Charge Once Turned On

    I’m having the most bizarre problem. My headphones work perfectly when I plug them into the lightning jack — they never get disconnected, or have any issue whatsoever. But when I unplug the headphones and plug in the charging cable, nothing happens! I tried resetting the phone — no dice. Next...
  2. A

    Question Retrieve iPhone 7 plus storage of a dead iPhone

    Hi all, So my iPhone 7 Plus recently died. And I was too late to make a back up of it. The Iphone wont turn on no matter what I try. Even Apple support has given up on me. So I was wondering if it's possible to remove the storage from the iphone and plug it into something so I can retrieve my...
  3. dudeawsomeness1

    Solved! can I recover data from iPhone 7 with broken screen for free?

    My brother's phone got smashed up and the screen is completely hopeless, I can't get it to respond on any part of the screen. I don't want to buy a screen for it because I don't think it's worth it. The phone seems to work just fine otherwise as far as I can tell on the lock screen and siri. Is...
  4. T

    Worried about my iPhone due to a screen protector thingy!

    its not an issue but its about my screen protector, so i have installed a screen protector for the first time ever on my iphone after too many fails i cleaned the screen protector with alcohol and get off the dust and hair, and i installed it, i mean its not the perfect i already ordered new one...
  5. msproject251

    32gb iphone good or bad?

    I recently bought an iphone 7 32gb instead of the 128gb, I got it for way cheaper. Was this a good choice?
  6. V

    webcam not working (toshiba)

    recently i upgraded to windows 10 and everything was fine, then a few days later the web camera stopped working i have tried updating the driver, uninstalling and installing it, restarting the computer, basically all the methods but nothing works. When i go in to device manager and go under...