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  1. VJK

    Solved! Why does my laptop have internet access only when it is connected to phone's hotspot and not when it is connected to a normal wifi?

    The problem started after I got my laptop's screen repaired (which had gone blank). The technician had mentioned that he had replaced some component of my laptop to make the screen work. Now my laptop gets connected to a normal Wi-Fi, but it says that the connection is limited and I am unable to...
  2. M

    AUDI headphones limited editon(picture)

    [/url][/img]can u help me for how much can i sell this ....i found it in my garage it is good :)? any it works on any blutooth device becuase i think is blutooth :)?
  3. S

    no internet access via wifi after every 5mins

    hello there, the problem that i am facing is internet is working fine on d laptop when connected via ethernet cable, but as soon as i connect d ethernet cable to the router, internet works fr few mins and then stops, nd wont work again untill m resetting the router, the net is not working in any...
  4. M

    Limit number of connections over wifi

    IDM is evil! it creates up to 16 or 32 connections downloading at same time. So (you know!) others cant even open google page... Is there any way to limit the number of connections that client make? (just using wireless router options, not within the IDM or the application itself) Im also...
  5. M

    My laptop give a limited connectivity although the other computers have no problem in connection please help

    The lap unable to connect to internet (limited connectivity ) while the other computers in my home work properly
  6. S

    Lenovo Y50 -- Replaced hard drive with new SSD, now having WiFi driver issues

    Hello, I recently purchased a Lenovo Y50 and replaced the hard drive with a Samsung SSD. Initially, I cloned the original drive on to the new SSD and everything was fine. Then I attempted to perform a factory reset and was told that I didn't have the recovery media. Apparently there is a...
  7. I

    Can't connect to my modem by ethernet

    Hi all I'm having a very annoying issue which came out of nowhere. I'm connected to my modem by ethernet with my laptop, and all of a sudden today when I came home, everything looked normal, all the lights were flashing, the ethernet sends and receives packets, but can't connect to anything...
  8. K

    Wireless router help

    Hello, well I've been using someone else's wireless internet and yesterday they put a password on it. i have the password but it keeps saying limited connectivity and doesn't connect me to the internet. any way i can fix this?
  9. D

    After conecting it show limited connectivity & internet can not used

    after conecting it show limited connectivity & internet can not used