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    Diagnosing Laptop Shutdown

    I have an old Gateway W350A that used to run Windows Vista. I purchased a new Laptop and a few years ago I converted this to Linux Lxle, a build designed for older laptops with limited resources. Worked fine for a little while and, though I didn't use it as my daily laptop, I would power it up...
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    win32 imager stopped rsponding while witting Ubuntu image to PenDrive

    I'm stucked now... Now i have forced stopped the process but now pendrive (H Drive) is damaged it is showing 2 GB space out of 16gb.. H Drive Now i want to know what should i do to get back the lost space in my pendrive plz help me also i tried writting that ubuntu iso file to a dvd disc...
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    help choosing the right parts for a new computer

    hi im wanting to build a new computer to run 2 separate operating systems simultaneously id like to run both windows 8.1 pro and some form of Linux id like for both operating systems to have their own hybrid drives so the operating systems can both be saved to ssd. id also really like it to be a...
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    I'm Dumping Sonar 4P and Cubase SX3 for Ardour/Audacity/Ro..

    Archived from groups:,alt.steinberg.cubase, (More info?) I've really had it with the bloated, buggy software on the Windows platform and I have finally made the decision to move over to Linux because all the software I need is free. I've been test driving some Linux...