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  1. Ilan

    Question How to get a wired live feed from camera to phone

    I need a clear video (HD) live feed from a camera to an android phone. The connection can not be wireless because i have to use it without any internet. The camera and phone will be 2 or 3 meters apart at most. It also has to be battery powered for at least 3 hours. I also want the video...
  2. S

    Staying in Bed

    Hello Folks, I'm looking to put my camera/telescope on the roof which will then project a live feed of the stars to my bedroom ceiling. Is there such an animal? My husband says yes, it's called a sky light!! We do live in the woods. What do you think people? Thanks a bunch, looking forward to...
  3. I

    Connect Camcorder to the TV

    I have camcorder that seem to be able to only produce a live picture on the TV if i am recording. if i use the demo mode it will display tips regarding the camera which disrupts the picture. I was wondering if there is a way to disable this or switch to a cheap camcorder that can project the...