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    Solved! facebook account was locked- link and pass for unlocking doesn't work

    My facebook account was locked for security reasons (maybe hacked, but not sure,because my email and information was not changed) Facebook emailed me a link to unlock my account after I verified my ID. But each time I click on the link it goes to the page that I am blocked and I need to do the...
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    Question Can’t use Company Locked LapTop

    Hello, I‘ve seen some similar Questions but I got an old Company LapTop that I can’t use. I first installed Ubuntu and that worked without any problems but now that I wanted to use Windows(I installed completely after a Factory Reset), the first thing after Windows is installed is a Login Page...
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    Forgot my password for 7zip archive

    Title basically says it all really I have an archive made using 7zip which is password protected and I used to open it and edit it almost everyday and so I didn't think i'd need to write the password down since I used the password thats different to all my other passwords but the thing is a few...
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    My Facebook account was Compromised.

    When I log into facebook I see a message saying '''We’ve Detected Suspicious Account Activity'' so when I click Continue it gets me to a page saying "Something went wrong" ..I try to ''SECURE MY ACCOUNT'' and I fill all the steps (changed my password like 12816 times) ,then I delete the recent...
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    Locked iPhone 5 on Sprint carrier

    Hi, I have problem with my iPhone 5, I bought it from some guy on internet and I can't contact him anymore. This iPhone is locked on Sprint carrier but I want to use it with T-Mobile. I called to Sprint and chat with Sprint service but they always need my Sprint phone number or contract number...
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    iPhone 4s disabled

    I recently left my iPhone unattended, and it got permanently locked. Since I recently bought the phone, I have not synced it with iTunes on my PC. I have tried restoring it by putting it into recovery mode and restoring it, but when I turned it back on after that, it was still disabled. Is there...