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    Solved! Will there be permanent damage?

    Hi, last night I closed my laptop while it was resting on some books on my bed and went to the movies. It was still on at the time and someone threw a pile of blankets on my bed over the laptop. When I got back the blankets were quite hot and I turned my laptop off. I'm curious how badly this...
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    Battery in laptop

    Who will last the longest? 9 cell 83 whr, 8 cell 86 whr, 6 cell 99 whr? Absolutely identical configurations, technologies, soft. I could not find comparison because everybody reviews with different specs (that's unfair). I think I got wrong translation... fix me if I got it wrong again So I...
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    PC to TV Connection via multiple HDMI long cables

    I have connected a long HDMI cable. PC(desktop) to Wall HDMI socket(near PC), Wall HDMI socket(near tv) to my TV HDMI input. Total length is about 15~20m. A HDMI Signal booster is added at the end point. My Computer detects the tv, but the tv shows no signal receive. Tried testing on my work...