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  1. NearlyTragic

    Low Budget College Freshman: Laptop or Chromebook?

    So I've been scouring the internet looking for a laptop for college. I've looked at Chromebooks, and they seem to be a very lucrative option for the budget-bound people such as myself. I only plan on using the laptop for in-class, I have a desktop for more specific classwork (I'm going into game...
  2. Catfan67

    Looking For a Low-Budget Flat Screen

    No, really, I am. The specs I'm looking for are as follows: LED (more modern type of display and better lighting) 1080-1440p Quality (to support later Nintendo consoles; I like Ninty) 32+" diagonal screen size (large display is nice) 2+ HDMI ports (Raspberry Pi and Wii U) 2+ A/V Composite Video...
  3. N

    USB or 3.5mm Headset? Which?

    So, I'm in the process of acquiring a new Headset to make my PC Gaming experience more comfortable. I currently have a very generic USB VOiP headset, which, I won't lie, is pretty good. My voice is transmitted perfectly with no hissing (which I believe is the EMI Interference) The Audio is good...
  4. A

    Gaming Laptop Under 700$

    Sup' I got a friend of mine to play WoW, but his current laptop was full of virus and wouldn't download the game properly, so he's considering buying another one. He's not a big PC gamer, so he will probably only play Warcraft. Therefore, he doesn't need a beast and doesn't want to buy...
  5. T

    Looking for a low budget gaming laptop, what specs should i look for?

    1. What is your budget? ~$200-$250 1.5. Preferred Specs: Quad core or greater (A8, A10, i5, i7) 4GB of RAM min (Prefer 6GB,8GB, or greater) HDD/SSD size: No preference (~250GB or larger HDD) 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Average or larger...
  6. P

    I need a low-budget laptop that's able to run autoCAD!

    Hello, I actually already asked my question but again, I need a LOW-budget laptop that's able to run autoCAD. Anyone can help me out?
  7. X

    Gaming on a laptop

    So I already have a nice desktop build for gaming, but I want to game on the go. I can't break the bank, absolute limit is about $650. I don't need high graphic settings, just something that will play on medium - medium-low settings on games such as fallout, Minecraft, and dolphin...