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    Which would you choose to use in your laptop: A 1 terabyte SATA SSD or a 500 gigabyte M.2 SSD?

    Hi everyone. I have a question I would like to ask. Which of the following would you choose to use in your laptop if you had one of each: 1) A 1 terabyte SATA SSD OR 2) A 500 gigabyte M.2 SSD Why would you choose this one over the other? Thank you.
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    M.2 SSD not working when I put the laptop back cover on.

    I have an asus n580vn. I bought a wd green 240gb m.2 sata ssd. If the laptop plastic back cover is off, the ssd is detectable in bios. If I put the back cover on and clip it in (even just in the corner with the ssd), the ssd is no longer detected. Do you guys have any ideea? Update: If I press...
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    Buying a new laptop before beginning my IT bachelor. Please help me with some advice.

    I will soon start my bachelor degree in IT. Problem: I need a laptop that I can work with for many hours (6-8 hours during+after classes) that can be hooked to 2 Dell U2412M (when at home) and that can withstand a lot of work for at least 4 years: Uses: a) Moderate web-browsing with a bunch...
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    Does any HP Inc. laptop support the Samsung 950 Pro m.2 nvm express 2280?

    I bought this Samsung 950 Pro m.2 card for my laptop, but it doesn't quite fit. Are there any other laptops that can use this card? Prefer HP, but would consider others. Thanks, John