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    Question Replace the mainboard of LG TV

    The mainboard of my LG TV is burnt, so I found a slightly different LG TV (same size, year, resolution) and the mainboard seems to be the same physical size and have the same connections except the button which I can replace. Should I go ahead and buy it, will it work? My TV: LG 43LH513V...
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    Question Clevo NH57AF1 already ruined?

    Hi, So I bought the Laptop mentioned in the title a few month ago and must say that it’s a really great machine, up to all tasks until today: While editing a textfile, the screen suddenly turned black. I had to shut it down via holding the power button cause no other input would work. When...
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    Solved! Tv pauses every second or so

    Hi, i recently had my main board of lg tv replaced with a new one and after mounting, installation and switching on the tv the picture pauses every second and again and again. What could be the problem?
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    Solved! HP ProBook 6555b overheating after switching mainboard

    Recently my HP ProBook 6555b just turned of with a black screen. Due to the backlight still working, I thought, it might be a motherboard-failure. So I bought a cheap replacement-board from E-Bay and replaced it. And the ProBook started as normal. But now, the CPU is getting overloaded very...
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    Solved! laptop does not boot and looses hdd in bios

    Hi, my laptop every now and then fails to boot. when i go to bios there is no hdd in the sata settings. Now i noticed, that when i unscrew the hdd adapter (which is attached with just one screw to the mainboard!!) from the mainboard and screw it back on, it boots again for a while and the whole...