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    Solved! Micro sd card problem

    I have a 16 GB micro sd card (Maxell) but when I plug the card into my computer (MacBook Air) it says that my card is only 2 GB
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    How do i set-up a Maxell ssb-3wb with my Visio smart tv using the optical cable?

    How do I set-up a Maxell ssb-3wb connected to a vizio smart-tv with the optical cable.
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    Gtx 860m vs Gtx 950m

    Hi, I want to ask which card is better for gaming and more specific what gives more performance ddr5 or directx 12 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M - 2.0GB DDR3 Video RAM - DirectX® 12 VS NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 860M - 2.0GB DDR5, 640 CUDA Cores - DirectX® 11 In one side we have ddr5 which is twice...
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    I have a android dongle I've tried to connect it to my sound bar Maxwell . Jist it don't work . please help got 3 sons an they

    Andriod dongle won't work through my sound bar maxell It work perfectly by its self to the TV. I'm not that clued up Have 3 sons an they can't help
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    Nvidia gtx 860m 4gb maxell vs 2gb maxell

    I am debating which of these two GPUs to get. My mind is set on the asus g551-jm. However benchmarks actually show the 2gb version performing better than the 4gb version and I am talking for both Maxwell, not the 4gb Kepler. For example in a review I read that the 2gb version on a acer v15 nitro...
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    i5 i7 gaming gtx860m maxwell

    I will soon buy a laptop soo a advice would be nice. Preferably from a expert. I want a budget gaming pc . There are 2 lenovo y50-70 models im ib beteewn both having 8gb, 1tb ssh , gtx860m on 4gb (which i believe/hope its maxwell) One has i5-4200h (2c/4t) Another i7-4700hq(4c/8t) Price...
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    Soundbar = no picture on tv?

    Hi, I recently purchased the Maxell MXSB-252 soundbar. It has 3 hdmi inputs and a hdmi out. I have my HTPC plugged into a hdmi input and I have a hdmi running from the hdmi out to the tv. The problem is the tv is showing no signal. The pc worked fine when connected directly to the tv and I have...
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    Can a maxell XR-metal hi 8 tape be used in a da 38 tascam

    Hi Since Hi 8 DTRS tapes hard getting harder to find is it ok to use a Maxell HI 8 MP 120 tape in a Tascam DA 38 digital tape machine?Or are you asking for problems.
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    Help with DAT Tape

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I found a box of these tapes for sale at th local pawn shop: Maxell HS4/120S Helical Scan 4mm Data Cartridge The owner insists that they can be used in audio DAT machines (I use a Fostex D5) but they say data cartridge on them. Any thoughts on...
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    Maxell Rechargeables

    Anyone order the 1800mAH batteries? The box says 1800 but on the batteries themselves it says 2100. They also look the same as the 2100s that came with the Maxell recharger. What gives? Always remember, you are unique...just like everyone else. :wink: