Soundbar = no picture on tv?

GaMe II Ov3r

Jul 23, 2012

I recently purchased the Maxell MXSB-252 soundbar. It has 3 hdmi inputs and a hdmi out. I have my HTPC plugged into a hdmi input and I have a hdmi running from the hdmi out to the tv. The problem is the tv is showing no signal. The pc worked fine when connected directly to the tv and I have made sure that the right input is selected on the soundbar. Any help is much appreciated.
First try a different source into the same HDMI input on the soundbar. Did you try a different input on the soundbar? Some times this works.
You can also try turning all three components (TV, soundbar, pc) on in a different order. When you turn on a component with HDMI it looks for a "handshake" with the connected components. If the component is not on when it tries to detect it it won't try again and will show no signal.