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  1. DoDidDont

    New Titan X for Iray rendering?

    I was thinking about upgrading my 4x GTX Titan’s (2688 core) to 4x GTX Titan X for rendering with Iray, until I saw these benchmarks on TomsHardware Germany.,testberichte-241759-3.html The benchmark’s for Iray do not make...
  2. David 617

    To Purchase or to Wait

    Hey, I'm a developer/gamer and I use my laptop heavily. My current specs are: i7-2820QM 16gb ram 120gb ssd / 500gb hdd nvidia 540m The gpu is starting to show its age and I want to buy a new laptop to play watch dogs and gta5 (if it ever comes out on I am hesitant to spend +$2000 on a...
  3. N

    Lenovo y50 Opinions

    Hello i did recently post a thread about a gaming laptop opinion of a similar laptop but decided to go with the highest model available through Lenovo Its specs are GTX 860M Maxwell 4GB VRAM Intel Core i7-4700HQ 16GB RAM 512GB SSD If the laptop turns out good for gaming(which im asking you guys...