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    Solved! connecting home theatre speakers to old memorex tv that i use for my pc's moniter

    the probblem im facing is not knowing what to wire them to
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    Old Memorex soundbar hookup to new Samsung smart Tv

    I have an old Memorex Soundbar with audio input for DVD or TV with red and white coaxial cables. It also has video out with a yellow coaxial cable or the S-Video. I would like to hook this up to and old DVD/VCR combo and then to my smart TV. Is this possible? Please help. I also have and old...
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    How to hook up Dolby digital plus to a older Memorex tv without antennas

    How to hook up older Memorex tv without antenna to a Dolby digital plus box
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    How do I reset my Memorex tablet for a new user

    How do I reset my Memorex tablet.i bought it off a friend and we factory reset to delete his info.But when I try to set up for my info it keeps saying to enter email of previous owner
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    How can I fix a black screen for a Memorex tablet when I can't see anything even while trying to factory reset it

    I have a memorex tablet and while I was playing on it the screen went black I tried to factory reset it but when I do I still have a black screen so I can't how do I fix it it will come on but just to a black screen
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    how to hook up memorex turntable to PC and be able to hear music

    Can play records and slightly hear the music. Do we need separate speakers?
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    5 inchs long, 2 inchs wide dark shadow.

    I have a memorex 1080 hd tv and right in the middle of it I have a 5 inch long, 2 inch wide dark spot. Its not black, its just a dark shadow that barely catches the eye. There have been problems with it, its just been a few months and its an annoyance. I have no idea what it is, or why it is...