Old Memorex soundbar hookup to new Samsung smart Tv

May 8, 2018
I have an old Memorex Soundbar with audio input for DVD or TV with red and white coaxial cables. It also has video out with a yellow coaxial cable or the S-Video. I would like to hook this up to and old DVD/VCR combo and then to my smart TV. Is this possible? Please help. I also have and old WII I would like to hook up for my Grandson if possible. Thank you.
OK...from what I can see the TV has a digital optical out.

So you could use one of these.


Go into it with a digital cable.....come out of it with two RCAs into the soundbar with this.


OR....if your TV has a headphone output (which I didn't see in the specs but it might) you can go with...
I find it odd your Soundbar has a video out, but regardless.
If you can, I'd hook up the DVD/VCR combo to an input on the TV. Most likely it will be "component input".
To get the sound to the soundbar you will need an analog output on the TV. I can't tell you what that is being you didn't mention a model for the Smart TV.....but I can suggest the headphone jack.

It is 1/8" stereo....so you need a 1/8" stereo plug to two RCA plugs that will connect to the soundbar.