Question Enable KHL DVD player to play regular DVDs via Vizeo TV model M190 VA

eager to learn

Feb 25, 2016
I know I could buy a newer DVD player or BluRay player with an HDMI. But, I need to make this KHL dvd player pay dvds on the Vizeo TV.
I connected the yllow (video) and red/white (audio) RCA cables correctly from the KHL to the TV. I then, on the TV remote, choose Component and the word Component appears on the TV. I press play on the DVD palyer remote and it starts to play the DVD but the content (movie) on the DVD disck never appearson the TV screen. Vizeo no longer suppports that model mnd KHL lo longer support that DVD player model. Does anyone recall how they eanbled their Vizero TV to play DVDs when not suing HDMI? The KHL player has no HDMI. Thank you.