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    Mesh Routers and Sonos

    I just installed an Orbi. Netgear Pro SRR60 with SSR60 satellites. It will not connect to my Sonos. Apparently Sonos only connects to 2.4 routers. I spoke with tech help at Netgear and they were not able to solve the problem. Any ideas on how to solve this issue? Are all Mesh systems like this?
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    Solved! rangehood filter mesh

    metal filter mesh in sheets or rolls {cut tyour own} for an oven range hood.I don't know where to buy this.
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    Google Wifi Review: Mesh for the Right Price

    Google Wifi is easy to use, more affordable than competing mesh routers and delivers solid performance (if you get the three-pack). Google Wifi Review: Mesh for the Right Price : Read more
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    Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router Review: Good, But Not Great

    The Eero is a pioneer in the mesh-router category, but a couple of other systems have passed it by. Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router Review: Good, But Not Great : Read more
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    Linksys Velop: Powerful But Erratic Mesh Router

    The Linksys Velop is pretty powerful, but it's also pricey and delivered inconsistent test results. Linksys Velop: Powerful But Erratic Mesh Router : Read more
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    Front Panels of the Speakers

    Hi.Today I went to buy a new 5.1 speaker system,I was going for Edifier Ms3500.However,I noticed that the cloth panels covering the front of the speakers had a crosshatched frame behind it.I looked at other speakers and some have squared frames,some have these crosshatched(deltoid) frames,some...
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    Music Meets Wireless Mesh Network: The Sonos Digital Music System

    tanung lang po panu if di naman ginagamit ung wireless sa laptop ng smart kailangan paba mag bayad????
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    where cam I buy some mesh for a paraclipse dish?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have an 8.5 paraclipse dish. I added a new feed with a Ku lnb which I didn't have before. C-band come in fine picture looks great but low signal strength and extremely low quality on FTA. I think it's the mesh.
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    Need help with lnb

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm running a 4dtv system with a ten foot mesh,does any body know what type of ku lnb I should buy, and maybe any company you can suggest that sells it at a good price. I'm subscribed to starchoice (Canadian version 4dtv) and I noticed...