Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router Review: Good, But Not Great

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Feb 6, 2016
With Apple discontinuing the entire AirPort line had to replace our Extremes. Chose the Google WiFi (GW) and extremely happy. My youngest daughter could never stream video in her bedroom and now she can and that makes me a hero.

But the best feature is the IFTTT integration and the GW App. I love getting an alert if my kids are home or not before curfew. So now when wife asks for me to check I just roll over and see. But also the fact I can see if extras came home ;).

Now if we get GW inside the Google Homes (GH) that would be super helpful. Basically get additional "pucks" for basically free. I could then put a GH in each room and have Mesh everywhere. My preference would be to also have a wired connection and doubt we would get with the GH. So hopefully it will be smart enough to backhaul to the best wired GW puck.

But this setup makes so much sense.


Apr 8, 2017
EERO allows for bridge mode which amazingly Google WiFi doesn't. We have a Google OnHub router. We get strong WiFi coverage throughout our 4,000 Sq ft. rectangular brick house. If you already have a router consider the EERO IN BRIDGE mode. At the extreme edges of the house I use ether net to connect and that works great.
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