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    Choosing a Laptop, HELP!!!!

    Bonjour Amigos, I live in Australia, Brisbane and am currently looking for a laptop within a range of $1800 AUD maximum, that will be capable of running current, and upcoming games to be released. I've looked around, and unfortunately I am only able to find laptops with GTX 960m GPU's. When I...
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    HDMI Audio issue

    I am having a strange audio issue with my HDMI audio output since I did a format and clean install of Windows 10 - I did not have this issue with my upgraded windows 10 install My issue is that HDMI audio output will bug out under certain circumstances and I will get no sound and anything that...
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    ASUS ROG G751JY-T7419T vs Metabox Prime-X P770DM-G vs Metabox Prime-X P870DM-G

    Can someone tell me which laptop is better?