Choosing a Laptop, HELP!!!!


Feb 20, 2015
Bonjour Amigos,
I live in Australia, Brisbane and am currently looking for a laptop within a range of $1800 AUD maximum, that will be capable of running current, and upcoming games to be released. I've looked around, and unfortunately I am only able to find laptops with GTX 960m GPU's. When I asked in another forum, everyone highly recommended to buy a laptop with minimum 1060 and up. Could you guys please help me choose a laptop. I could possibly push my budget to a maximum of $2000 including shipping and GST to hopefully find the cheapest 1060 laptop on the market.

p.s. I've looked at Sager laptops in America and I don't know if I'd feel comfortable ordering from there, especially considering the likelihood of a faulty laptop in the future and having to pay the $600 shipping to get it there and back. I've also looked at Metabox laptops in Australia, however, am unsure how reliable they are...