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  1. Rveng

    Solved! Microphone not outputting voice only white noise

    I recently built a pc and everything was going smoothly until I noticed that my microphone was not working. I have the Florean BM-800 and it worked perfectly fine before but it’s not outputting my voice. When I try to listen to the microphone in the properties tab I only hear white noise. When I...
  2. R

    Question Microphone on takes up the headphone slot

    Whenever I try to connect the microphone alone, it works nicely. But whenever i try to use a splitter and connect both my headphones and my microphone, the mic doesn't work and my laptop starts using the in built one. But when i connect the mic into the green port, it works just fine, but i...
  3. Z

    Headset's microphone not working after accident

    So the headset was stretched badly when it got stuck with something on the chair and i left the chair, the chair swing back and the headset stretched badly and fell on the floor, it is capable of getting through small collisions like falling from 5 foot but now the Microphone is not working. It...
  4. A

    Plantronics GameCom388 Microphone buzzing

    Hello stranger, thanks for clicking on my post.. Now lets get to the point of this shall we? These headphones microphone did this a while ago already and the problem is it STOPPED working and making buzzing sounds. The first time this happened it wasn't the same.. It was saying that it was...