Headset's microphone not working after accident

Zaack Plays

Jul 26, 2015
So the headset was stretched badly when it got stuck with something on the chair and i left the chair, the chair swing back and the headset stretched badly and fell on the floor, it is capable of getting through small collisions like falling from 5 foot but now the Microphone is not working.

It only makes a little technical sound when i unplug/plug the jack. (the sound and mic jack is different) so it gives no sound at all. While the headphone is fine and i can hear everything but not speak anything.
Please help, i could easily change my headphone but due to a number of unfortunate bad luck events i don't get a chance to get to a shop and it was expensive one too. :/
Sounds like you broke it. See it it works on another computer, and if not get a new one. Just don't bother with "gaming" crap, it's expensive and pointless