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  1. J

    Solved! Migrating a drive onto a new SSD

    So I have a HDD drive and I want to migrate everything on it, to a new SSD without breaking any of the links between that SSD and my primary SSD. I have a TON of steam games and other links on the HDD that I would love to work without me having to redefine the link for each game.
  2. M

    Can Office Migrate to New Computer?

    When I log in with my Microsoft Account on office.com/setup it shows that I have two Microsoft Office products in my account. Both are called Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 and both also show the product keys and have download button for the installer. One is installed on my desktop and the...
  3. B

    Migrate to sd card greyed out

    I have a sd card formatted as internal storage and rebooted my phone and everything and it has worked just fine for a couple weeks.now the phone's 'migrate to sd card' option is greyed out and refuses to move anything else to the sd card which has over 10gb of space wat do i do help plz
  4. knanan

    How to Migrate to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    So you’ve gotten your new Samsung Galaxy Note8 and you’re ready to transfer all of your data across from your old phone. Luckily Samsung has made this a relatively painless process with the free software, Samsung Smart Switch.   Here we shall outline the steps to migrate to your new Note8...
  5. J

    James Frazer Mann - Why my phone keeps saying unable to migrate ?

    I am trying to transfer my android info to my new iphone usiing move to ios and it keeps telling me unable to migrate. Please guide what to do ??
  6. I

    Convert VM to a physical machine

    Is there a way to create a VM in VirutalBox then migrate it to a physical computer
  7. G

    Migrate Google Data

    I need to migrate my accounts that are associated with my school email, to another email, because soon after a i graduate I will not be able to access it, I have my Amazon, Netflix, and other accounts associated with that email, and I want to migrate it to another account, it there an easy way...
  8. J

    How to migrate your data from Apple to your Galaxy S7

    If you’re making the switch from an iPhone to Android, you’re going to want your data to follow with you. Fortunately, there are two simple ways to make sure all your contacts, emails, calendars, music and personal stuff makes the move intact and ready to use. So if you’re looking to migrate...
  9. A

    Click of Death? Should I migrate to a new HDD?

    My laptop makes a clicking sound from somewhere around where the HDD is located. It makes this sound when/if I press onto it (by placing my palm onto it while typing) or open/close my screen. There is no sound when it is shut down so I know that it is not a mechanical issue. Is it the dreaded...
  10. C

    13" Macbook Pro Retina (2015) or alternative for Web Design

    Hi, I am looking to migrate from PC to laptop and was wondering if the 13" Macbook Pro Retina (2015) would be sufficient for web designing using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I will also be using After Effects casually, programming, streaming VOD and light gaming. Based on the configuration...
  11. B

    how to migrate godaddy mail to office365

    We are a small non profit with mail pointed to a GoDaddy domain. We want to export mailboxes and import to Office 365 domain then change records so all mail flows to Office 365 domain.
  12. G

    Still Running Windows XP? Here's What to Do When Support Ends

    After April 8, Microsoft is yanking support for Windows XP. But what if you can't upgrade? Here's what to do. Still Running Windows XP? Here's What to Do When Support Ends : Read more
  13. AirTech

    OSS Project using Access DB

    Hello all, For my work i am considering starting an Open source project to build a database for work. I have some rough designs: ERD v 5.0. The project will be to make an Access database then prehaps migrate to Oracle 11g or another DB engine and make the front end GUI in Java. My work only...
  14. T

    Backup Asus Transformer Prime - Getting replacement unit and need to backup existing unit and restore to new unit

    My Asus Transformer Prime TF201 64Gig unit camera has stopped working so ASUS is sending me a replacement unit. I want to copy everything from the broke unit to the replacement unit. What is the easiest way of moving everything. Thanks in advance.
  15. M

    Old applications for windows

    i want to migrate an old application from older t5o new environment. please suggest me the appropriate applications suitable for my work
  16. quad777

    Migrating Outlook 2007 to 2010

    Hi Guys Need to migrate from OUtlook 2007 to 2010,any guides on doing that while still keeping all mail? Thanks for the help
  17. L

    Migrate hdd to hdd

    Hello, I just did a install of Windows 7 on a new HD and I want to put the old HD in and migrate all of my settings to the new HD. It's a HP Pavillion so there are two HD bays on the computer. How do I go about this?