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    Solved! Compaq Millenium Edition wont boot

    Hello, I took my old Compaq ME to the computer dr. today, for help getting some docs and pics removed before donating it. I put it into hybernate when I left there. When I got it home, I could not get it to boot. I have tried Ctrl-Alt-Del, I have turned it off/on. I have removed batt. and...
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    Migrating files from Win Millenium edition to Win7

    Hello,Is there a program available that will allow me to transfer my files from Win ME to Win 7?
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    Solved! Digital cameras

    I'm a photographer from the "old school" who is a few years behind the technology of the current millenium. But this old cur is learning digital media at a reasonably fast clip. :pt1cable: I am trying to sell all of my old Leica stuff so I can acquire a digital camera that is not a toy...
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    What's This -- A Millenium 2-4-6 DTS DECODER?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) What's this contraption used for?: <> I don't have a single DTS LD, but I thought that the PCM Toslink output of my player will pass a DTS signal just fine. Or, is this thing...
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    norton cleansweep

    hey hey all , anyone have experienced norton cleansweep 2001 , with windows98se or windows millenium , in particularly , the regestry feature , kinda scares me , was wondering if it's screwed up any ones system , both 98se and win me thks in advance jaxon