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  1. D

    Changing the IMEI of a Non android device

    Hi everyone, if this is in the wrong category im sorry but its the closest I could get. A guy I know (sounds cliché but it actually is someone else) wants to know if theres any way we can alter the IMEI number on his Huawei E5573 MiFi box. The guy in question is a traveller who has literally no...
  2. S

    How do I set set downloaded location to my SD on the Samsung Grand?

    My device is full and I’m struggling to clear up space, so I want to make my SD card primary storage device.
  3. A

    Dual SIM phones

    It's know that the phones with dual SIM get lagged or hanged very often. The thing is that if I just use single SIM,not both of them,is there any chances of getting saved from the lagginess? :sarcastic: I gotta buy a phone with two SIM facility cuz there aren't many options left. Btw, Lenovo...
  4. R

    Recovering Deleted Snaps

    Hi, does anybody know how to recover deleted snaps on snapchat? Thanks!
  5. G

    Bogus Web Certificates Threaten Mobile Users

    Dozens of fake Web certificates spoof popular sites, leaving users of mobile apps vulnerable to criminals who intercept Internet traffic. Bogus Web Certificates Threaten Mobile Users : Read more
  6. G

    Why Obama Can't Use an iPhone

    The U.S. president uses Canadian-designed BlackBerrys, which have security and control features no other smartphones can beat. Why Obama Can't Use an iPhone : Read more
  7. buwish

    Additional Smartphone Support Resources & Contacts

    If you are unable to find a driver, software, etc... for your phone and we cannot help you out here, your best bet is to check your cell/smart phone manufacturer's support site. At these sites you can utilize knowledge bases, manuals, contact customer support, and find software updates for your...